Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered for you.
If you would like to ask any other questions please give us a call.


How much is the flight?

We offer several different flights have a look under the flight section.


Can I just turn up?

We only operate out to Lake Eyre in Peak times. Its advised to give us a call on 03 5956 7316 to see if we are operating out of Marree or planning to be there in the season.


Do you have Eftpos?

Yes we have Eftpos. We currently don’t take American Express.


How old can I be to fly?

We can take everyone from infants accompanied by an adult to our oldest customer recently was 105 years young.


What to wear?

Comfortable clothing and shoes are highly recommended. Cameras and video cameras are recommended, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen based on the flight type and the time of year.


Do you have a weight limit?

Yes. Every helicopter has a limit to the amount of load it can carry, not just weight but the distribution of the weight for a safe flight. The Robinson R44 helicopters we fly have an individual seat weight of 136kg.

We do have to do a calculation of the combined weight of everything inside the helicopter that includes the passenger, fuel, pilot and every bolt. Nothing for you to worry about but it makes sure we are within the limitations of flying the helicopter safely.

What weather can we fly?

In the interest of safety, all our helicopter tours operate weather pending. Flights will only be restricted when weather conditions such as low cloud, fog, gusty winds, or electrical storms are present in the area of the flight path.

Flights can still operate in wet weather as visibility may still be good. At Lake Eyre Helicopters we always strive for customer satisfaction, so we are happy to reschedule your flight at anytime.

Can just 1 person go?

We base our flights on a minimum of two full paying passengers traveling for all our Helicopter scenic flights. Sometimes we can match you up with other passengers flying, but that doesn’t guarantee the flight, if the other passengers don’t turn up.

You can of course pay for the minimum of two passengers for the flight you choose, or indeed charter the helicopter for your own journey. If you are a single passenger and we try to match you up, we cannot guarantee the other party will show up and bare no responsibility for cancellations caused by this. Lake Eyre Helicopters will endeavor to accommodate  all single passengers on the next available flight. It isn’t a guarantee on the day or time for the reservation.

For further information of conditions please consult our conditions page.

Will there be other people on my flight?

It is quite possible that we may match you up with other passengers on one of our scenic flights. All empty seats that have not been filled, may be matched up with other passengers, unless you have chartered the all seats. Our helicopter scenic flights are set paths to keep the costs as low as we can.

If you charter the helicopter then you are effectively hiring all of the seats.