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Lake Eyre Helicopters and its parent company Contract Helis can provide you with aerial access for your next shoot above Lake Eyre. The Lake Eyre surrounds provide a kaleidoscope of colour and natural beauty. With our expertise in film and television we can give you the advice you need to plan your next shoot.

We can provide a wide range of options from out AS350 Squirrel

AS350 Squirrel - Lake Eyre
AS350 Squirrel – Lake Eyre

The squirrel has 14v and 28v power outlets. These aircraft and the advice we can give you will keep you happy along way from home.


We can also provide you with a gyro mount.

There are 2 options;

Aerial systems gyro stabilised mount that will fit in our Robinson R44, or

cross hire a Cineflex V14 to go on the AS350.


Red R44
Red R44

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