Lake Explorer

Classic Lake experience, this tour you will see the amazing desert contrasts. Come and fly with Lake Eyre Helicopters on our Lake Eyre flights.

This tour explores Lake Eyre North and South for 2 hours, traversing the Madigan Gulf, Campbell point, Silcrete Island. We then move onto Lake Eyre South, Emeroo Point and Pelican Point before heading back to Marree and is certainly the only way to see the best that this world famous Lake has to offer.

Lake Eyre is the lowest point in Australia at 15m below sea level and is the largest lake in Australia when it fills, covering a staggering surface area of 9500 square kilometres! The 2012 season saw the lake filled in various locations which contrasts great to the white salt. The only way to see this amazing lake is by air. Lake Eyre Helicopters has a base located in the outback town of Marree, located 90km south east of Lake Eyre. Our Lake Eyre flights depart Marree township daily. During the flight you will discover the remoteness of the Lake Eyre region and see all the wonders this outback lake has to offer.

Whilst our flights are more expensive than that of the plane flights that are available, the visibility and comfort of our helicopters far outweighs the cost. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and compared to plane flights in the area, you are not just a number to us. Not only do our helicopter flights offer you better views and photo opportunities, your flight of Lake Eyre will be more personalised. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, so go ahead and see it the best way possible.

Unlike fixed wing aircraft that suffer in the afternoon turbulent conditions, the helicopter is a smooth ride all day!
There is no best time to view the area.. it is entirely up to yourself.

Lake Eyre Helicopters also is able to land on Lake Frances which makes up some of the various salt dried lakes around the Lake Eyre Region.

* Min 2 passengers, weight restrictions may apply