Marree History


Marree was called Hergott Springs until World War 1, when the German name didn’t suit, at the time so it was changed to Marree, which comes from the Aboriginal word Mari meaning place of many possums.

Since that time Marree made its fortune with transport, Camel, railway and truck and the pastoral industries.

In the so-called Ghan towns of outback South Australia, Cameleers would often build a mosque that would not only serve as a

place of worship, but as a gathering place that offered the Cameleers a sense of community that they could not find elsewhere.


The remains of the oldest mosque in Australia, built in 1861, are near Marree (Hergott Springs) in South Australia.

This was once one of the country’s most important camel junctions and in its heyday was called Little Asia or Little Afghanistan.