Olympic Dam Transfer

Lake Eyre Flights – Olympic Dam Transfer

Too much hassle getting to Marree? Why not live like a celebrity and get a helicopter transfer direct from Olympic Dam! Fly into Olympic Dam (via Adelaide) with Qantas-link, and be picked up and ferried direct to the Marree Airport via helicopter. Your trip to Marree will take you over some of Australia’s most spectacular landscapes, including the Marree Bungles.

Then spend the night in the historical township of Marree. Use the afternoon to explore the old rail station, Australia’s first mosque or just enjoy a drink at the Marree Hotel. After staying the night at the Marree Hotel, you then head off on the scenic flight of a lifetime.

During the flight you will discover the remoteness of the Lake Eyre region before reaching the pure white salt crusted Lake Eyre South. The flight then continues onto Lake Eyre North, tracking up the shoreline of Madigan Gulf, world famous for the land speed records of Sir Donald Campbell. Now for the best part, experience flying over the water of Lake Eyre in the driest region of Australia.

* Min 2 passengers, weight restrictions may apply The cost of this package includes heli-transfers, accommodation and scenic flight Bookings can be made at www.qantaslink.com.au