Willouran Range & Witchelina Gorge

The Willouran Range is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. The spectacular north fault line formed 500 million years ago and has been the backdrop to movies such as Breaker Morant. These ridges are the final stage of collisions that formed Gondwana, and is said to be “where time began” . This geological feature is the northwest spur of the Flinders Ranges and south west of Marree.

These ranges form the newly proclaimed nature reserve that is Witchelina Station, which covers a staggering 4200 square kilometers.

The only way to see this spectacular landscape is by helicopter. Our flights depart on demand from Marree Airport.

During your flight you will discover the remoteness of this central Australian region before reaching the geological calligraphy and rare beauty that is the Willouran Range. The flight then continues onto the Witchelina Gorge, where you will be amazed at the discovery of this regions virtually unknown and rare beauty. You will also discover the harshness of the region when we fly over parts of the district at 500 feet in the driest region of Australia.

If you want to extend your tour a little further discover the historic Witchelina Station. This flight extension takes in the homestead established more than 140 years ago and has only just been turned into a nature reserve.

The new reserve forms a vital habitat link from South Australia’s Lake Torrens into the Northern Territory, covering almost 10 million hectares. It is part of the world’s first transcontinental wildlife corridor being created through the heart of Australia’s outback, between Port Augusta and Arnhem Land. Considered important enough that even Mining/Energy companies such as Santos Ltd contributed to this Property being set aside for Nature. Once we pass by the homestead we head for the spectacular Witchelina Gorge. Not what you would expect to see in the middle of such a massive ex-grazing property, before we head back to Marree.

Willouran Explorer